However, to those who do engage in the fight against the "pro-choice" principle, the main problem is that the opposition takes a rational, pagan stance. For them, the right to abortion is a matter of convenience, personal choice and, in the case of the "unfit," a dire necessity. It is truly difficult to see what arguments can be deployed to shift their position. It is as much a question of belief as ours--only they are SURE that there is no God and, so, no absolute morality, while we believe the contrary. [emph. added]
Lynette Burrows, well-known English author, journalist, and broadcaster, "The Pagans are Coming," or, "The Higher the Ape Climbs the Tree, the More We See His Bald Behind" Human Life Review
People for Life

Faith-Based Pro-Life Thought

One Jew's Look Through Judaism at Abortion By Sherry Davison (Jewish)

An Address By Donald W. Trautman, Bishop of Erie
March for Life Rose Dinner, Washington, DC, January 22, 1999 (Roman Catholic)

Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics
A Statement by the Catholic Bishops of the United States (November 17, 1998)

A Biblical Perspective on Abortion
Adopted by the General Presbytery of the Assemblies of God, August 6, 1985. (Pentecostal)

LIGHT AND SHADOWS: Our Nation 25 Years After Roe v. Wade
A Statement of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops -- November 12, 1997

by Rabbi David Novak
of the University of Toronto

The Gospel of Life
Pope John Paul II
(Roman Catholic -- addressed to "all People of Good Will.")

The Tyrant State
Dr. Robert George, Princeton University
(First Things magazine, November, 1996)

Democracy and Morality
Dr. Robert George, Princeton University
(Franciscan University Focus) "We must be Christian activists."

Abortion, Oikonomia, and the "Hardcases"
Valarie H. Protopapas
(Orthodox Christian -- The Christian Activist, Vol.5)

A Christian Manifesto
by Francis Schaeffer
(Presbyterian / Evangelical)

That They May Have Life
prepared by The President's Commission on the Sanctity of Life
(Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod)

We Hold These Truths: A Statement of Christian Conscience and Citizenship
sponsored by the Editors of First Things (October, 1997)

1974 Declaration on Procured Abortion (Roman Catholic)

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"A society that believes in nothing can offer no argument even against death. A culture that has lost its faith in life cannot comprehend why it should be endured." -- Andrew Coyne, Canadian newspaper columnist (Southam Newspapers), commenting on why the idea of euthanasia killing has gained a foothold

People for Life