December 15, 1999


People for Life will sponsor a demonstration on Thursday, December 16, 1999 in opposition to the opening of an abortion facility in Erie. The demonstration will take place from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM at the Professional Building, 1611 Peach Street, Erie.


Reports of Dr. Steven Brigham's claim that he already has a transfer agreement with an area hospital came as quite a surprise to People for Life. People for Life doubted that any of our local hospitals would be in a hurry to enter into a routine working relationship with an abortionist.

We would not expect any of the Erie hospitals to consider becoming involved in the abortion business any more hastily than did the Center Community Hospital of State College. Before it would even consider a transfer agreement with Dr. Brigham, Center Community Hospital needed to know, according to the Center Daily Times (7/3/97), "which doctors will work at the clinic, their credentials, the hours of operations, and the corporate structure of the business." Center County Hospital ultimately refused to grant Dr. Brigham a transfer agreement for his State College killing facility.

In Erie, all that is known for sure is that Dr. Brigham owns six office suites in the Professional Building. And Dr. Brigham claims that he has not yet decided whether or not he will even attempt to turn that real estate into an abortion facility. News reports suggest that if Dr. Brigham has a transfer agreement, as he claims, it might be with a hospital in a distant community. Pennsylvania's abortion regulations require a transfer agreement with a hospital that is within 30 minutes of the abortion facility. The 30 minute requirement has always been understood to mean 30 minutes by motor vehicle. However, Dr. Brigham is now suggesting that a hospital within a 30 minute emergency helicopter flight is qualified to issue a transfer agreement.

Leaving aside questions about the validity of Dr. Brigham's suggestion, the pattern of imposing abortion on a community primarily through the involvement of outside players is a familiar one. Brigham, himself, is an outsider. (Recent news reports identify his home as Phillipsburg, New Jersey.) It is not uncommon for practicing abortionists to commute considerable distances to work, partly to avoid living as objects of contempt within the communities whose unborn children they are terminating. Some abortionists service several distant communities and have become known as "circuit riders."

And so it seems quite consistent for an abortionist to seek the complicity of a far away hospital, one which stands to avoid much of the backlash from the community on whose women and children the abortionist intends to prey.

If a distant hospital has, in fact, decided to abet Dr. Brigham's possible plans for an Erie abortion facility, the Erie community has every reason for outrage. Let such a hospital promote the "best interests" of its own community -- NOT the destruction of Erie's unborn children.

The above statement may be attributed to Tim Broderick, president, People for Life, Inc.

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