November 6, 1999

Eighty-five concerned citizens took part, this afternoon, in a demonstration against the proposed Erie abortion facility. The demonstration, organized by People for Life, took place on both the Peach Street side and the State Street side of the Professional Building, 1611 Peach Street.

People for Life President Tim Broderick commented, "There is considerable community opposition to an abortion mill in Erie, Pennsylvania. We are collecting signatures from people who are opposed. Well over 12,000 signatures were received during the first week of our effort. It is our hope that a way can yet be found for Erie to avoid the dubious distinction of being the abortion center of northwestern Pennsylvania.

"Our purpose in demonstrating is to ensure that people are aware of the planned abortion facility. And we don't want anyone to assume that the danger has past when it has not. Therefore, future demonstrations are considered a necessity. If Dr. Brigham's plans for Erie's unborn sons and daughters become a reality, even more demonstrations will take place, and some kind of continuous presence near the abortion facility is not out of the question.

"I would encourage anyone who might think it strange for us to be talking about a continuous presence at an abortion facility to reconsider the facts of human life before birth and the realities of the abortion procedure. Keep in mind, Dr. Brigham's Yellow Page ads offer abortion to 24 weeks-six months.

"Thanks to the skill and dedication of many fine Erie physicians and nurses, and the overall quality of medical care in the Erie area, Erie children who are born prematurely at 24 weeks have a good chance for full and happy lives. How ironic that while some doctors struggle to save these babies, others are willing to earn a living by killing them."

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