January 21, 1999
RE: Comments by PFL's president on the eve of the 26th March for Life in Washington, DC

"When most of us meet a woman we see a human being, someone's mother perhaps, or pehaps a future mom -- someone's daughter, someone's sister, and so forth.

"When Bill Clinton meets a woman, it is perfectly clear -- or should be, by now -- what he sees: a thing, a toy, and someone ultimately to be discredited, defamed, or bullied into silence and submission.

"Abortion exploits women. It is a popular method by which men protect their own self-interests, and it is seen by some men as a way to fix their "broken toys." It is no wonder, then, that Bill Clinton is THE ABORTION PRESIDENT. And with his two vetoes of the legislation that would ban partial-birth infanticide, it is absolutely clear -- or should be -- that he holds infants in no higher regard than he holds women.

"Immoral behavior leads to the cheapening of human life and cheapening of human life leads to immoral behavior. Look no farther than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, if you don't think so."

Timothy J. Broderick (president)

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