January 18, 2007


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People for Life is sending two buses to the 34th Annual March for Life in Washington, DC, which will take place this Monday, January 22, the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions. At this time (Saturday evening), we have 102 reservations confirmed.

Our marchers will gather at St. George Church, 5145 Peach Street between 10:30 and 11:00 Sunday evening and board the buses at 11:00. News personnel are welcome to come out to St. George's and talk with the marchers while they are getting ready to board the buses. Most of the marchers will be gathered in a lobby area that is accessible through a entrance on the north side of the church complex just behind the main church building.

The marchers are always a diverse group of people. There will be People for Life members and many non-members; college students from Mercyhurst and Gannon; families with children of all ages; senior citizens, and many first-time marchers as well as people who go every year. Their primary motivations range from quite religious to quite humanistic, but all of them, it is quite safe to say, perceive the "pro-life" cause as preeminently humanitarian in nature.

People for Life has organized bus trips to the March for Life every year since the very first March for Life in 1974. Attendance that year was estimated to be 20,000.

In recent years, attendance has ranged betwen 100,000 to 200,000. On the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in 1998, an estimated 225,000 people participated. These are unprecedented numbers of an annual march in Washington, DC. They are especially remarkable for an event that takes place in the middle of winter.

This year the March for Life will begin with a Rally at noon on the National Mall at 7th St. The March will follow 7th Street to Constitution Avenue, Constitution Avenue to 1st Street, and 1st Street to the Supreme Court Building.

Meetings after the March have been arranged with our newly elected Senator Bob Casey and with Congressman Phil English.

The marchers will be back on the buses, ready for the return trip at 5:00 PM. We expect to arrive back in Erie around 12:30 AM Tuesday morning.

Our sister group, Crawford County Citizens for Life, based in Meadville, will also be sending two buses. We expect to see them in Hagerstown, MD when we stop for dinner Monday evening.

Additionally, a number of people from the area will be driving their own vehicles, and several other buses have been chartered by NW PA school and church-based groups.

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People for Life, established in 1973, is the Erie County affiliate of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation (Harrisburg, PA) and the National Right to Life Committee (Washington, DC). We are a community-based, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and all-volunteer organization dedicated to protecting our fellow human beings from the primitive and violent "solutions" of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.