July 25, 2005

Pro-life students to finish two-month walk from Minnesota this weekend in Erie

This weekend, July 30 & 31, a group of college students who have been walking across the country to encourage opposition to abortion will be visiting Erie.

The students recently contacted People for Life. Plans were made for the students to participate in the regular, weekly Saturday demonstration (1:30 PM to 2:30 PM) outside the 1611 Peach Street Professional Building, which houses the American Women's Services abortion facility.

As always, the demonstration is open to anyone who is troubled by the deliberate ending of human lives by abortion and the resulting physical and emotional damage suffered by the women involved.

All participants will meet as usual on the State Street side of the building at 1:30 PM.


The students, 16 in number, began their walk in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 29. They have been spending their summer speaking out against abortion from town to town in six states. Pennsylvania will soon become state number seven.

Erie is the students' final destination, and fittingly so. It is the site of an abortion facility owned by a particularly disreputable abortionist with national notoriety, Dr. Steven C. Brigham.

Brigham owns and operates at least 13 abortion facilities in four states.

Over the past 12 months, the Erie location did abortions only during a single three-week period, in late March and early April, because of difficulty recruiting a physician willing to do abortions.

As the end of their journey approaches, a few of the students will be leaving the group because of other commitments, but 13 are expected to go the entire distance and be in Erie this weekend.

The students, who are motivated in part by their religious convictions to speak out against the blatant disregard for human lives, the violence, and the injustice abortion, are making a special point to reach their fellow Roman Catholics along the way. And special efforts are being made to speak with Catholic public officials who excuse themselves from taking a principled stand against abortion by making the deceptive claim that doing so would somehow violate the separation of church and state.


According to People for Life President Tim Broderick, "No public official of any religion should be permitted to hide behind misleading rhetoric about "religious neutrality" while refusing to protect basic human rights--in particular the right not to be killed. And public officials who turn their backs on the millions of women who are being deceived by pro-choice ideologues and exploited by abortion industry profiteers should not be given a free pass just because they say they 'don't want to impose personal religious beliefs.'"

Abortion is a primitive act of physical violence that deliberately kills an innocent human being. It violates the most indispensable of all human rights and most universal of all human values.

No politician should go unchallenged if he or she attempts to mislead the public by dismissing abortion as merely a matter of religion or "personal belief."

Likewise, no religious leader should go unchallenged if he or she attempts to dismiss the effort to legally protect human beings prior to birth as merely a matter of "politics."

Furthermore, no abortion proponent should go unchallenged when he or she dismisses abortion as merely a medical procedure, as though there is nothing significant about the killing of a human being if accomplished with surgical instruments or drugs with clinical sounding names.


People for Life, established in 1973, is the Erie County affiliate of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation (Harrisburg, PA) and the National Right to Life Committee (Washington, DC). We are a community-based, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and all-volunteer organization dedicated to protecting our fellow human beings from the primitive and violent "solutions" of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.