April 24, 2003

Empty Stroller Day Demonstration this Saturday

People for Life's demonstration at the site of Erie's pending abortion facility this Saturday (April 26, 2003, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, 16th & State) will feature empty strollers, baby carriages and wagons, as Erie area residents present a visual reminder that each abortion ends someone's life, not just "a pregnancy." A similar demonstration was held in July 2001. About 45 people attended. Interest seems to be quite high once again, this year.

Just like the celebration of Mother's Day (May 11), our demonstration is likely to cause some painful memories and feelings for mothers of aborted babies. The trauma suffered by women at the hands of abortionists is undeniable. It is not our intention to criticize or to judge anyone for choices they have made, or to inflict pain. Legal abortion, based, as it is, on tragic misperceptions - e.g., abortion as simply a medical solution to difficult situations, a necessary evil, or merely a moral abstraction - has caused too much pain already.

The fact is that our nation has a very bad law (Roe v. Wade) - not bad people. When the legal system fails to sustain justice and equality and to maintain appropriate limits, tragic things happen, even to good people.