March 22, 2003

Local electrical contractor working on abortion facility

A local contractor is now upgrading the electrical system of Erie's pending abortion facility, which will be utilized in the deliberate killing of unborn children in Erie, Pennsylvania.

A photograph of the work in progress is available at:

Electrical contractor Gary Arnold, 124 Gay Rd., North East, PA applied on March 7, 2003 for a City of Erie permit to conduct electrical work in units 310, 315, 325, 333, 350 of the Professional Building, 1611 Peach Street, where Dr. Steven C. Brigham is opening an abortion facility.

People for Life obtained a copy of Mr. Arnold's electrical permit application from Erie City Hall on Friday morning. A copy of the permit is posted at:

During a telephone conversation on Friday afternoon with People for Life President Tim Broderick, Mr. Arnold indicated that he was aware that he was working on an abortion facility and further indicated that he was not averse to having that information publicized.

Mr. Arnold's permit authorizes work that involves the "installation of emergency lighting system," 24 receptacles, 3 florescent fixtures, 24 emergency lights and 13 exit lights.

On Wednesday, Mr. Arnold's workers improperly-without approval from the Professional Building condominium association-cut holes in the walls of one of the building's common hallways and mounted electrical boxes, reportedly for installing emergency lighting.

Pictures of the boxes that were installed without condominium association approval are posted at:

We understand that one of Brigham's representatives was subsequently advised by the condominium association that if any equipment is attached to these electrical boxes, it will be removed and disposed of.