November 14, 2002

Abortion, or abortion-related, facility could be opening soon

Activity at Erie's pending abortion facility began to increase this past August, about the time that its proprietor, Dr. Steven C. Brigham, was evicted from his abortion facility in State College. It now appears that some kind of abortion or abortion-related facility in the Professional Building at 1611 Peach Street, Erie could be opening soon.

In recent weeks, people connected with Brigham have been spending a considerable amount of time in Brigham's office suites on the third floor of the Professional Building, particularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Two individuals were seen going in and out of the suites all afternoon on Thursday, November 7. People for Life also maintains an office on the third floor of the Professional Building.

On Saturday, November 9, a light was visible in one of Brigham's windows on the State Street side of the Professional Building. The light drew attention to a large American Flag that was displayed in another one of Brigham's windows.

Several weeks ago, a note written by a Verizon telephone technician was found on the floor of a common hallway in the Professional Building. It referred to the installation of four phone lines in Brigham's Suite 335.

In mid-October, People for Life was told that new carpeting had been installed in one of Brigham's suites.

The recently released edition of the Erie Verizon phone book has nearly a half-page of ads for Brigham's abortion locations in Erie, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. Brigham's American Women's Services web site lists 12 locations.

Brigham has not resurfaced in State College since his eviction last summer. However, a pro-life source in State College tells us that a physician, possibly Brigham, may have purchased property in State College recently.