October 8, 2002

Erie County rescinds sale of abortion facility suite

The Erie County Bureau of Revenue and Tax Claim has returned the check written to pay for the pending abortion facility suite (Suite 310 in the 1611 Peach Street Professional Building) that was sold at the county tax sale last Friday. A letter enclosed with the check states that the property "was not eligible for sale due to improper notification."

At this time, we are waiting for a more complete explanation from Erie County.

The letter was signed by Christine D. Moyer, supervisor, but it is not known whether or not she is actually responsible for the decision to nullify the sale. On a related matter, there has been an increase in activity, apparently by people acting on behalf of Dr. Steven Brigham, in the Professional Building. We have received reports about people cleaning and moving equipment. Telephone work also appears to be in progress.

People for Life continues to oppose the opening of any abortion facility in the Erie area. Abortion is permitted under existing law, and we recognize this, but this should in no way obscure the simple truth that abortion unjustly ends the life of an innocent human being. No government has a legitimate authority to permit the deliberate killing of innocent human beings within its jurisdiction. A basic respect for the rule of law requires that such perversions of justice be severely criticized at every opportunity. These laws make a mockery of any concept of human rights and human equality, and they must be changed at the earliest opportunity.