July 30, 2002

Brigham reportedly evicted from State College location yesterday

People for Life was informed late Monday afternoon by contacts in State College, Pennsylvania that Dr. Steven C. Brigham's abortion facility on East Beaver Avenue in State College is finally closed for good. Brigham's landlord, the HFL Corporation, had been waging a battle to evict the abortionist for the last five years.

An estimated 3000 or more unborn babies were killed at Brigham's State College facility since it opened for business in 1997. Many of these babies were killed in the second trimester; Brigham routinely advertises abortions to 24 weeks.

Additionally, a large number of women were undoubtedly emotionally and psychologically devastated by these abortions, and many will struggle with the after effects of abortion for years to come.

Brigham was issued an eviction notice, and his State College facility was padlocked, on Friday, April 19, 2002. But the facility reopened on Tuesday, April 23 after Brigham obtained a court order that allowed him to stay another 90 days.

Brigham's only remaining legal recourse was an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, an option Brigham said he was pursuing, according to a report published in the Erie Times-News on July 2, 2002. In light of yesterday's news, that appeal appears to have been unsuccessful.

We cannot predict what effect, if any, Brigham's ouster from State College will have on the situation here in Erie. We can, however, say with a good deal of confidence that a substantial number of people in the Erie community will continue to oppose any and all abortion facilities in the Erie area by every peaceful and legal means available.

At the present time, People for Life is continuing to facilitate twice-weekly demonstrations at the Professional Building at 1611 Peach St., continuing to lease a four room office suite in close proximity to Brigham's units in the Professional Building; and continuing to promote abortion alternatives with a 14' x 48' billboard located just a hundred yards or so from the main entrance to the Professional Building. Demonstration number 300 is scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 8. The Erie area pro-life community will, no doubt, expand and multiply its ongoing efforts if it becomes apparent that Brigham is once again moving forward with his plans for an abortion facility in Erie.

A considerable amount of information about Dr. Brigham is available on People for Life's web site at: