June 6, 2001

Demonstrations - Brigham drops suit against sidewalk counselors

People for Life will have a demonstration tomorrow, Thursday, from Noon to 1:00 PM at 1611 Peach St., the site of Erie's planned abortion facility. There will also be a demonstration this Saturday from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

Now that "good" weather has arrived, free helium filled balloons are usually available at the demonstrations. Any child accompanied by an adult is eligible for a balloon, even if the adult is not participating in the demonstration.

Several months ago, it came to our attention that New Jersey abortionist Steven C. Brigham was suing a group of pro-life sidewalk counselors, attempting to keep them away from his abortion business in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Brigham is trying to open an abortion facility in Erie. When depositions were taken late last year, it was learned that Brigham's "star witness," one of his Nurse's Assistants, was a 16 year-old seasonal carnival worker who had ended her high school education prematurely. It was also learned that two of Brigham's Medical Assistants, including the 16 year-old's mother, were high school dropouts and former factory workers who had received "on the job training" from Brigham.

We now understand that Brigham has dropped his lawsuit. According to a spokeswoman for the Legal Center for Defense of Life, which represented the sidewalk counselors, Brigham signed a consent order on May 17 in which he acquiesced to everything the sidewalk counselors had been doing all along.

The Legal Center for Defense of Life is located in Morristown, New Jersey. Dr. Bernard Nathanson a well-known former abortionist and People for Life's guest speaker at our 1999 Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast, happens to be a member of the Legal Center's Board of Advisors.

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