May 25, 2001

Literature Distribution - Dr. James Barker's Comments

Asked about People for Life's pro-life literature distribution on the public sidewalks near Strong Vincent High School this morning, Erie School Superintendent Dr. James E. Barker, in a television interview, expressed surprise that the Erie schools would be the focus of a "protest."

We would like to clarify that the literature distribution was not intended to be a protest in any sense of the word. No criticism of the Erie School District should be inferred. Our only intention was to share what we consider to be valuable information with some of the students as individuals.

The brochure being given away to the students, "Life is Full of Surprises," examines several aspects of the abortion issue. For some students the information provided might be new, but for other students, the brochures will merely serve as a reminder about things they have already learned. We think that many of the students will seriously consider the issues raised. As a result, some students may want to reevaluate their opinions and attitudes about abortion and the importance of protecting all human lives.

Based on our very positive experience today, we would highly commend the students for their inquiring minds, for their willingness to consider opinions with which they might not necessarily agree, and for being remarkably mature and polite. The students are certainly a credit to the Erie School District, and to their parents, as well.

Rather than protest, we would praise the Erie School District for the caliber of its students!

These comments may be attributed to either Tim Broderick (president, People for Life) or the People for Life organization.

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