January 12, 2001

Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast
Erie March & Motorcade for Life


Over 600 people will be attending People for Life's annual Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast at the Avalon Hotel tomorrow, January 13, 2001, at 9:00 AM.

Our guest speakers are Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Levatino, from Rensselaer, New York. (Dr. Steven Brigham, the physician who is planning to open an abortion facility in Erie, once operated an abortion facility in nearby Colonie, New York.) The Levatinos are nationally recognized pro-life speakers. Dr. Levatino has testified before the United States Congress on two occasions. He is an assistant professor at Albany Medical Center Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is also an attorney of counsel with the firm of O'Connor & Yoquinto in Troy, New York.

Prior to embracing the pro-life position, Dr. Levatino carried out first and second trimester abortions in his private OB-GYN practice. Today, however, Dr. Levatino is a determined opponent of abortion and an expert consultant for a number of pro-life organizations, including the National Council of Catholic Bishops, Priests of Life, and the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC). (The NRLC is People for Life's parent organization.)

Mrs. Levatino, a nurse trained in the field of renal transplantation, is the only wife of a former abortionist to speak out about the impact of abortion on the families of physicians who do abortions.

People for Life is honored to announce that the following members of the clergy will be assisting at the breakfast:

Fr. Frederick Bentley, St. James Anglican Catholic Church, Erie
Rev. John Bowers, Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Erie
Rev. J. Randy Elliot, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, North East
Dr. Edward Huntley, Senior Pastor Federated Church, East Springfield
Bishop Donald Trautman, Erie Roman Catholic Diocese

Personal greetings from Congressman Phil English and U.S. Senator Rick Santorum will be delivered by designated representatives.


A good turnout for the annual Erie March & Motorcade for Life, tomorrow, January 13, 2001 at noon, is also anticipated. Last year, approximately 800 people participated. The march begins at 10th & State St. It will pass by the 1611Peach St. Professional Building, the site of Erie's pending abortion facility. The march will conclude with a brief memorial service at the Gazebo in Perry Square.

The theme of the march is: "Every Unborn Child Welcomed in Life and Protected by Law"

Deacon Ralph DeCecco of Our Lady of Peace Parish, Erie and Rev. John Bowers of Grace Fellowship Church will assist with the Memorial Service.

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People for Life, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit, citizen's organization committed to affirming the intrinsic value of human life. People for Life is dedicated to advancing true justice by working for the protection of all innocent human lives, whatever the age, race, sex, physical condition, economic status, or place of residence (including the womb). People for Life encourages local involvement through education, political awareness, and the promotion of loving alternatives to the primitive and violent "solutions" of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. Together, we can create a society in which all human lives are held sacred.