November 29, 2000

Demonstration Tomorrow
Brigham cited in THE NATION as a victim of "antichoice landlords"

The next demonstration to protest plans for an abortion facility in Erie will be from Noon to 1:00 PM tomorrow, November 30, 2000. The demonstration will take place at the Professional Building, 1611 Peach St.

The December 11 issue of The Nation contains a reference to Dr. Steven Brigham's State College abortion facility in a not-so-evenhanded article entitled "Anti-Choice Intimidation" ( The article warns that a "less publicized threat to abortion rights is playing out around the country as clinics and providers come under a wide variety of local attacks."

The article offers three cases in point. It refers to the third-trimester partial-birth abortionist Leroy Carhart, who is fighting an eviction battle with "anti-choice" landlords, and to abortionist James Scott Pendergraft, who "makes no secret of the fact that he performs abortions up until the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy" and is "facing charges of lying under oath and extortion--because he sued the town for failing to protect his Ocala clinic from antichoice harassers." The article also refers to State College, Pennsylvania, where "the county's only abortion provider has been fighting eviction for three years."

That would be the abortionist Steven Chase Brigham. His "antichoice" landlords are of Islamic heritage and reputed to be decent people who happen to think that babies should not be killed prior to birth. They maintain that they were deceived about Brigham's intentions when they agreed to lease their property to him.

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