November 21, 2000

State says abortion regulations apply to RU-486

An announcement by the Pennsylvania Department of Health on Friday, November 17, 2000, puts would-be abortionists on notice that RU-486 is not going to be a free ticket to a new career in the abortion industry, as so many pundits have been predicting.

Commentators have suggested that RU-486 will make killing an attractive sideline for the average family practice. In reality, any local physician who wants a piece of the RU-486 abortion business will need to comply with the same state requirements that are prescribed for surgical abortionists. PA Secretary of Health Robert S. Zimmerman, last Friday, declared, "Pennsylvania's Abortion Control Act applies to all abortions, whether surgical or drug-induced. The Act is clear."

Aspiring RU-486 abortionists will need to officially certify their offices as death chambers in compliance with the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act: And the number of children they have destroyed will be included in the death toll published annually by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Zimmerman's announcement is good news for local pro-life activists. If RU-486 abortionists had somehow been exempted from Pennsylvania's abortion regulations, identifying and exposing this new breed of killer might have been a little more of a challenge.

State Sets Rules On Use Of Abortion Pill
By John M.R. Bull, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 18, 2000

HARRISBURG - Use of the newly approved abortion pill RU-486 will be regulated by state abortion laws, Gov. Tom Ridge announced yesterday.

"It's pretty much what we expected all along," said Patrick Hopkins, executive director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates. "There's no doubt it is an abortifacient."

The Ridge administration is issuing guidelines to all physicians and abortion providers regarding use of RU-486, approved in September by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to the dismay of pro-life advocates….

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