"This has to do with murder at the convenience of the abortionist..."
U.S. Representative Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-Oklahoma)
Boston Globe -- October 9, 1997


Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2002 -- June 19, 2002
Partial-birth abortion ban reintroduced in U.S. House on June 19, 2002

Santorum Reintroduces Partial-Birth Abortion Legislation -- April 29, 1999
Senator Wants Senate Floor Debate To Focus On Facts, Not Political Rhetoric

Baby girl born alive during preparations for a PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION -- April 21, 1999
Little baby lives for three hours, as hospital personnel gently sing to the infant, cradling her in their arms

Abortion opponents promise renewed legislative effort -- March 29, 1999
A second article about the baby girl born alive during a partial-birth abortion procedure in the article listed directly above.

When abortions come late in a pregnancy US News January, 1998
Covers the subject of late term abortion in general, including partial-birth abortion and some related procedures. The "killing" of the fetus by various techniques is discussed with amazing candor. Before accepting everything at face value, however, please consider that the article is based primarily on information furnished by the abortion industry itself. The assertion that "the fetus is not developed far enough to appreciate pain" at 20 weeks is simply ridiculous. Any neonatal healthcare provider will "appreciate" the absurdity of this statement. Perhaps there is an element of truth here; everyone has experienced pain, but few of us "appreciate" it!

James Bopp Jr., J.D. of the National Right to Life Committee and Curtis R. Cook, M.D. comment on an article published by Professor George J. Annas of Boston University School of Public Health. Annas, who obviously supports partial-birth abortion, argues in the article under discussion and in his subsequent defense of the article that there is no such thing as a partially born infant. He implies that the kind of "change" that occurs with passage through the birth canal is substantially equivalent to the absolute kind of change that occurs at death: A change in surroundings is equivalent to a change from being to non-being (temporally speaking). And there you have it: since a person cannot be "partially deceased," neither can a person (infant) be "partially born." In some respects, it's a nice try, but some will find this "logic" a bit strained... others, we are confident, will see the formulation as desparate nonsense. As handily as he defines partial-birth abortion out of existence, Annas defines third trimester abortion out of existence: Abortion, again by definition, applies only to the non-viable fetus, therefore viable fetuses are NEVER aborted; never mind that it happens hundreds of times each day. The only "option" is premature delivery. Whether the child is slain in the process or delivered alive would seem to be irrelevant. New England Journal of Medicine, December 3, 1998)

PRESS RELEASE (National Right to Life Committee -- October 10, 1997)
RE: Clinton's second veto of partial-birth abortion legislation

U.S. Senator Rick Santorum on partial-birth abortion (weekly Republican radio address, April 5, 1997)

Sen. Rick Santorum (May 13, 1997) Partial Birth Ban Should Not Be Based on Partial Truth

Sen. Rick Santorum (May 20, 1997) A Unified Voice Will End Partial Birth Abortions

AMA House of Delegates: Ban Partial-Birth Abortion! June 24, 1997

Partial-Birth Abortion: Separating truth from fiction

AMA Letter Letter from the American Medical Association in support of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

Beyond a Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Family Research Council teams up with the former governor of Pennsylvania, Bob Casey

Cal Thomas "Partial Truth Abortions" (Houston Chronicle)

ACLU objects to restrictions on partial-birth abortion
Our elected representatives have no right to interfere with partial-birth infanticide because they are not MD's(?) But the lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union know more about the subject than the American Medical Association! (See also "AMA Letter" above.)

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