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Life is a human right!

Saturday, May 4, 2024 - 11 a.m.

West Perry Square, Erie, PA

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We will march in gratitude for the priceless gift of life, thankful for our own lives and the lives of those around us. We will march in gratitude for our nation, founded on the conviction that life is a human right that belongs to all individuals simply by virtue of their humanity and regardless of social status, age, state of dependency, physical or intellectual abilities, or any other artificial criteria. We march in particular for those human beings yet to born and for their mothers, who truly deserve the full measure of our love and the highest respect.

Closing Program Speakers
At the Pavilion-Stage in Perry Square

Following this closing event at the Pavilion in Perry Square, there will be a full briefing by PA Pro-Life Federation Education Directory Remil Teny in Zurn Auditorium 104 at Gannon University. Remil will speak about current pro-life initiatives and challenges, with a special emphasis on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

U.S. Representative Mike Kelly

Remil Teny, Education Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Greg Andrews MD JD
Andrews Institute for Addiction Treatment

Clare Caulfield, Students for Life
Gannon University

Father Jason Feigh
Chaplain, Cathedral Prep
Pastor, St. Francis Parish, McKean
For more information contact People for Life at or (814) 882-1333.