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Source: JUSTICE, a publication of The Legal Center for Defense of Life, Morristown, NJ (Winter 2000) Used with permission.

The never-ending mantra of supporters of legal abortion is that it will now be "safe." No more "back alley" abortions! Well, in the town of Phillipsburg, New Jersey even the most ardent pro-aborts might be shocked at the unsanitary conditions and the qualifications of the personnel in the clinic run by serial abortionist, Steven Brigham, MD.

Having lost injunction applications on August 18 and November 30, 2000 in attempts to stop peaceful sidewalk counseling outside his facility, Brigham and his company, American Medical Services, are taking a third bite of the apple and going to a full trial in Superior Court, Chancery Division, in Warren County. Through his attorneys at Sterns & Weinroth, Brigham and members of his staff submitted certifications alleging misconduct on the part of sidewalk counselor, Joan Fasanello and others.

Edward Gilhooly, Legal Center Executive Director and David Worthington, Legal Center volunteer attorney, went to court on November 30, 2000 and after a hearing before Superior Court Judge Roger F. Mahon, a temporary injunction was denied. They then filed answering papers and took lengthy depositions of Brigham and members of his staff. What was gleaned from the testimony at those depositions was shocking! Not only did Brigham and his employees contradict their sworn certifications, but, under careful questioning by Mr. Gilhooly and Mr. Worthington, admitted that one of his so-called "nurse's assistants" was 16, a high school drop-out and former carnival worker, who received "on the job training" from Brigham.

Two other "medical assistants" (including the mother of the 16 year-old) were high school drop-outs as well, whose prior experience had been working in a factory. They also had received "on the job training" from Brigham. One patient's allegations of unsanitary conditions of blood and urine spilled in the premises appeared to be partially corroborated by staff members' responses to deposition questions. Trial is set for February 22 and March 1 [2001].

Note: The trial was subsequently postponed.

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