Right to Life Fundamentals

Video: In the Womb
Life Before Birth In The Womb by National Geographic

Amazing Animation of a Fetus Growing in the Womb
Nine stunning minutes long!
See the beating heart that Planned Parenthood says isn't a heat at 4 minutes, 40 seconds.

Fetal Development Illustrated
View illustrations of fetal development at one week intervals, from one to 40 weeks. The information you will access using this link is not part of an anti-abortion presentation; it is simply factual medical information. Please continue your visit with People for Life after viewing this interesting presentation.

When Does Life Begin?
by the National Right to Life Committee, Washington, DC

Abortion: Some Medical Facts
by the National Right to Life Committee, Washington, DC

Legislation and Judicial Rulings

Roe v. Wade
In 1973, the Roe v. Wade Decision of the US Supreme Court
removed all substantial legal barriers to abortion throughout
the entire 9 months of pregnancy. The plaintiff, "Jane Roe"
(Norma McCorvey), has since renounced her support for abortion
and is an outspoken pro-life advocate.

Doe v. Bolton
The companion case of Roe v. Wade
It established the legal meaning of the term "health" in the context of abortion.

Crimes Against the Unborn Child
Pennsylvania's Fetal Homicide Law, enacted 1997

Pennsylvania's Abortion Control Act
Model abortion regulations including informed consent and parental notification