Oratory Contest People for Life's annual Oratory Contest for high school students will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the Blasco Memorial Library in Erie, PA. All high school students are welcome and encouraged to compete.

There will be separate levels for grades 9-10 and 11-12. First-place winners will receive $100; second-place winners will receive $50, and third-place winners will receive $25.

Each participant will research, write, and present a 5-7 minute, pro-life speech about abortion, infanticide, physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia, embryo-destructive (embryonic stem cell) experimentation, or a related topic. Students are welcome to focus on hopeful and uplifting aspects of the human life issues such as: adoption, motherhood, pregnancy and fetal development, personal experiences doing pro-life activities (the March for Life, for example), and the rewards of knowing people with mental and physical disabilities.

Pre-registration is required: E-mail name, address, phone number, age, grade, and school (or indicate if homeschooled) to Send Email or call (814) 882-1333.

The Oratory Contest follows the applicable Rules of the National Right to Life Oratory Contest.

Help us spread the work by displaying the Oratory Contest Poster.

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