Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania hosted a campaign rally for pro-abortion extremist Hillary Clinton on April 1, 2008.

Approximately 150 Erie-area residents responded by braving high winds, near-freezing temperatures, and occasional rain showers to hold a 3-hour demonstration in front on the college just prior to the start of the rally.

The theme, as the following pictures indicate, was: Hillary - Pro-Abortion Extremist.

Contrary to some of the news media reports, the demonstrators were not representing only "the Catholic community." They came from all kinds of religious backgrounds with the firm conviction that it's wrong to kill babies no matter your religion -- and that it's just as wrong to kill babies if you're a Catholic, an agnostic, a pagan, an atheist, or a presidential candidate.

About 15 Mercyhurst students spontaneously joined the demonstration. Some of them are pictured below.

Most of the following pictures were taken early in the demonstraton before all of the participants had arrived.

Mercyhurst College Main Entrance
Mercyhurst College Mark
Mercyhurst College No Matter How Small
Mercyhurst College Dave
Mercyhurst College Women Deserve Better
Mercyhurst College Students
Mercyhurst College Eight Students
Mercyhurst College Mark
Mercyhurst College Garth
Mercyhurst College Hillary Abortion Extremist