March for Life 1997


"Save the Whales?" This one is large, about 252K, to preserve detail.

"Face it. Abortion kills!"

"New York Rabbis condemn abortion."

Crowd in the Ellipse just prior to the March for Life

Marchers on Constitution Avenue

"Pastors for Life"

Western Pennsylvania United Methodists for Life

The Great State of Kansas


Supreme Court -- CAUTION, please:
An image of an aborted baby on a large banner is contained within the main image.
Like images of war, terrorism, starvation, and so forth, this image is not pretty.
But it does speak volumes about the urgency of the crisis. About 213K file size.

Marchers begin to assemble in the Ellipse, earlier in the day

Speeches from the 1997 March

Photographs by Tim Broderick. Scanning by Crawford Advertising.
The image quality has been degraded slightly to allow for smaller file sizes and faster transfers.